You asked: How do I read my electric meter with A and B buttons?

If your meter has an ‘A’ and ‘B’ button, press ‘A’ until you get to TOTAL ACT IMPORT. The number below this is your electricity reading. Your meter might have three buttons to the side of the display. If this is the case, just press the middle button, and the display will show your reading below the ‘IMP’ on screen.

How do you read a and b meter?

If your meter has A and B buttons under the screen

  1. press the A button.
  2. press the A button again until you see ‘METER INDEX’ and numbers followed by ‘M3’
  3. write down the number from left to right.
  4. ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.

How do I read my digital electric meter?

Digital meter

  1. Read the numbers from left to right, ignoring any numbers shown in red.
  2. Ignore any digits in a red surround.
  3. Ignore any printed zeros.
  4. Ignore any digits after the decimal point.

How do I read my electric meter kwh?

To figure the number of kilowatt-hours you used during the month, subtract the last month’s reading on your most recent bill from the present reading. This will give the kilowatt-hours you used for the period.

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How do you read a meter on a smart meter?

To get a reading from these smart meters:

  1. Press 9 on the keypad.
  2. A series of letters will appear: IMP KWH.
  3. Then you’ll see 8 digits (e.g. 0012565.3) followed by kWh at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. This is your read, so in this case your reading would be 12565.

How do I know which smart meter I have?

The easiest way to tell is to look at your electricity meter. If the serial number starts with 19P, this indicates it’s a SMETS1 meter. If it starts with 19M, then this means it’s SMETS2.

Do smart meters still need to be read?

You don’t need to take any readings with a smart meter, it will do that automatically. But if you want them for your own peace of mind, you can still get them.

How do I read my Scottish Power Smart meter?

To read your key meter follow these steps: press the blue button until screen H appears and note your reading. If your meter also displays screens J and L (for 2 and 3 rate meters) please also note the readings on these screens.

How do you read a night and day meter?

Day/Night Meter

  1. For each row, read the numbers from left to right, including any zeros.
  2. Ignore any numbers after the decimal point or in red. If your meter does not have a decimal point, read all numbers, including any zeros. E.g., The day reading for this meter is 12763, and the night reading is 07759.

What do the numbers on my digital electric meter mean?

Digital electric meters have numeric displays that show numbers in kilowatt hours. A kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts. If you have a 100-watt light bulb that is turned on for one hour, then 100 watt hours or 0.1 kilowatt hours is consumed.

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How do I read my Meralco meter?

Always read the dials from the right to the left, starting from Dial A to Dial E. Read the number by the pointer of the dial. When the pointer is between two (2) numbers, the lower number is recorded. To compute your electric consumption, simply subtract the previous reading from the present reading.