Why is solar energy a viable alternative energy resource?

It can provide enough power in just one minute that can supply the world’s electricity needs for a year. The renewable energy resource like the sun is also a sustainable and inexhaustible resource. … It can provide your home with clean electricity and help power the place efficiently.

Is solar energy a viable source of energy?

Renewable energy for electricity from wind or solar is not viable.

Why is solar energy a viable source of electricity?

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. It can now compete with fossil fuels in terms of generation cost. Photovoltaic systems of Solar PV systems do not emit greenhouse gases while operating either, making it a much cleaner alternative energy source.

Is solar energy a viable resource for most people?

Yes, solar energy is increasingly becoming a viable fuel source for everyone. … Meanwhile, oil, gas, and coal prices are likely to continue to increase, especially as sources are depleted and the costs to obtain these fuels grow.

What is the viability of solar energy?

The global consumption of electricity is expected to grow 48% by 2040, as per the EIA. In 2015, solar projects delivered electricity for a mere USD 0.126 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in contrast to USD 0.285/kWh in 2014. …

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How effective is solar energy?

Most figures say that solar panels are roughly between 15% and 18% efficient, meaning that 15% to 18% of the sunlight they absorb is converted into electricity while the rest hits the solar panel and warms the surface like it would anything else.

How efficient is solar energy compared to others?

And for good reason: solar power can be an efficient way to drive down the cost of electricity and power homes and businesses. … This in mind, the average panel efficiency sits right around 15%. Some panels can be more efficient than this, utilizing sunlight to deliver electricity at an efficiency rating above 20%.

How can solar power be a viable option for power?

Provides clean, renewable energy

Home solar is a clean, emissions-free, and renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, home solar doesn’t release harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions—like carbon dioxide—into the air and water supply.

Why is solar energy not widely used?

Solar panels use expensive semiconductor material to generate electricity directly from sunlight. Semiconductor factories need ‘clean’ manufacturing environments and are expensive to build & maintain. The efficiency of solar cells is only about 22%. The rest of the sunlight that strikes the panel is wasted as heat.

How can solar power be used as an alternative energy source?

Solar power is an alternative source of energy which is capable of producing heat and generating electricity. … The amount of solar energy the Earth receives on a sunny day is capable of generating around 200,000 times the total daily amount of energy required to power our planet.

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Are solar panels financially viable?

Solar panels can save you money on electricity while adding to the value of your home, but they’re not right for everyone. … Ultimately, solar panels can be a solid investment and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Is solar energy economically feasible?

Based on expected improvements of established, commercially available PV, CSP, and CAES technologies, we show that solar energy has the technical, geographical, and economic potential to supply 69% of the total electricity needs and 35% of the total (electricity and fuel) energy needs of the US by 2050.

Are solar projects viable?

The Government of India has to create the right environment through tax incentives to encourage solar energy production. In that way solar energy is not as viable as it could be. Yes, its viable if Govt.