Question: What is the use of portable electric drill?

Used primarily for boring holes in nearly all materials, the electric drill can also be used for a variety of other tasks, facilitated by a number of accessories and attachments. These include sanding, screwdriving, grinding, and mixing paint to name but a few.

What is a portable electric drill?

An electric drill is a drill which is driven by an electric motor. … In 1895, the first portable handheld drill was created by brothers Wilhelm and Carl Fein of Stuttgart, Germany. In 1917, the first trigger-switch, pistol-grip portable drill was patented by Black & Decker.

What should you do when using a portable drill?

Clamp down small work pieces to prevent movement and keep fingers away from the rotating drill bit. Don’t use a power drill near open flammable liquid containers. Avoid using an electric drill in wet conditions and ensure proper grounding. Keep your finger off the trigger switch when carrying the drill.

What is a power drill used for?

A power drill is an electrical motor that rotates a replaceable drill bit to make a hole in wood, plastic, or metal. Alternately, a screwdriver tip can be installed to turn screws.

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How do you use a portable electric drill?

How to Use a Power Drill

  1. Select the Driver or Drill Bit. For driving screws, use a small driver bit in the shape of the end of a screwdriver. …
  2. Chuck in the Driver or Drill Bit. …
  3. Drill a Pilot Hole (Optional) …
  4. Place the Driver or Drill Bit. …
  5. Begin to Drill or Drive. …
  6. Press on the Power Drill.

What is the function of drill?

drill, cylindrical end-cutting tool used to originate or enlarge circular holes in solid material. A varied terminology is related to making holes with revolving tools. A hole may be drilled…

Why it is important to use the portable electric drill with care or safely?

Hard steel needs a different bit. More pressure must be applied, but care is necessary because too much will make the drill overheat and bind.

What is the main function of electric drill?

A drill is a tool primarily used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a drill or driver, depending on application, secured by a chuck. Some powered drills also include a hammer function. Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size.

When should you use a drill?

What should you do when working with powered hand drills?

  1. Wear safety glasses or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles).
  2. Keep drill air vents clear to maintain adequate ventilation.
  3. Keep drill bits sharp always.
  4. Keep all cords clear of the cutting area during use.

How do electric drills work?

Basically, a squeeze of the trigger turns on the electric motor, which then rotates the drill or screwdriver bit. … The higher the amperage or voltage a drill has, the more power it has. More power creates more torque, or rotational force, on the drill or screwdriver bit.

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What is the most common use of a power drill?

The most common use of the power drill is to: Make holes in wood, metal, and plastic. A masonry bit is able to drill into concrete and similar material because it has a: Carbide tip.

Do I need a power drill?

A power drill is great for pre-drilling holes for nails or screws. … You should also steer clear of using a power drill when you’re working with short, small screws or plastic screws—there’s a good chance the drill will spin-out and strip the head of the screw.