How close can a electric towel rail be to a bath?

How close can an electric towel rail be to a bath?

Zone 1 & 2

If you were to install a heated towel rail in this zone, it would need a rating no lower than IPX4. Zone 2 stretches to a 0.6m outside your bath or shower and above your bath or shower if over 2.25m.

Can you have an electric towel rail above a bath?

Heated towel rails have an IP Rating suitable for zone 2, whereas most electric heaters do not carry this rating. … IP rating must protect against immersion/total immersion in water (IPX7/IP67). Zone 1 – Above the bath or shower to a height of 2.25m.

How close can a radiator be to a bath?

Hang the radiator at least one metre from the shower. This will prevent soap ending up on the painted layer. Another option is a heated towel rail.

Does an electric towel rail need an isolator?

There is no requirement for local isolation for a towel rail. Isolation may be effected at the consumer unit.

Does an electric towel rail need a fused spur?

Does your bathroom require an electric towel rail? … All electrical towel rails will need a safe point of isolation for example a fused spur, this item has to be located outside of the bathroom.

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Can you put a plug on electric towel rail?

Plug-in models

All that is required to be installed is a power outlet (unless you already have one in the correct location), and then the heated towel rail can be installed and plugged in. … The cable usually comes out the bottom or side of the heated towel rail and will be visible when plugged into a power outlet.

Are electric heaters allowed in bathroom?

The short answer is yes, electric radiators are waterproof. … There is nothing electric about the radiator body, so just like a central heating radiator it can be safely installed anywhere in the bathroom.

Can heated towel rails be left on?

Heated towel rails are designed to be left on all the time and there are no safety issues to consider if you decide you want to keep them running. A standard heated towel rail will typically come on and off in accordance with the main central heating system.

Is it expensive to run a heated towel rail?

Using heated towel rails is very affordable. The electrically heated towel rail is an affordable bathroom heating solution. The easiest way to explain the power consumption is to compare the running cost with that of an 80 watt, light bulb.

Can you leave heated towel rail on overnight?

Can you leave a heated towel rail on overnight? A towel rail can safely be left on all the time, however you may need to think about the environmental impacts and the cost. If no one is using the bathroom in the middle of the night, then it might be wasteful to leave it on.

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