Can electric field lines appear as closed loops?

The electrostatic field lines do not form closed loop because no electric field line exist inside the charged body.

Can electric field lines be closed loops?

Since electric field lines originate and terminate on charges of opposite polarity, electric field lines can never form closed loops as to form a closed loop, the electric field lines must originate and end at the same charge.

Are electric field lines close together?

The field lines are closer together in the regions of space closest to the charge; and they are spread further apart in the regions of space furthest from the charge. … Line density in an electric field line pattern reveals information about the strength or magnitude of an electric field.

Can induced electric field lines form closed loops?

Induced electric field lines always from closed loops.

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Why are electric field lines closed curves?

The electric lines of forces are described as the path followed by a unit positive charge while moving towards a unit negative charge. … They originate from the surface and terminate at the surface of charges. Electric lines of forces are open curves because no electric field lines are present inside charged containers.

Can electric field lines curve?

This means that the overlapping curved field lines will average out as a straight field line, through the middle of the point-charge pairs. The outermost edges of the electric field, on the other hand, will have nothing to interfere with, and remain curved.

Do the electric lines of force make closed curve?

Electric lines of force are closed curves while magnetic lines are not. … Both electric and magnetic lines of force are closed curves.

Where do electric field lines end?

Electric field lines either originate on positive charges or come in from infinity, and either terminate on negative charges or extend out to infinity.

What are the rules for drawing field lines?

1 Answer

  • 1) Electric field lines are always drawn from High potential to. …
  • 2) Two electric field lines can never intersect each other.
  • 3) The net electric field inside a Conductor is Zero.
  • 4) Electric field line from a positive charge is drawn radially outwards and from a negative charge radially inwards.

How do the electric field lines appear when the field has the same strength at all points in a region?

Since the number of electric field lines is proportional to the strength of the electric field, if the electric field has the same strength at all points in a region the electric field lines will be parallel in that region.

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Why is induced electric field circular?

Whenever there is change in magnetic field, electric field is induced. The most common explanation that is found is: ” If a closed loop circular conductor is placed in time varying magnetic field then current is induced as per the Faraday’s Law and direction is given by Lenz’s law.

Why are eddy currents circular?

Eddy currents are always circular in nature because of the reason that current always prefers to take least resistive path. As it is known that for same area of circle and any other finite sided polygon, circle has the least perimeter.

What is an induced electric field?

When the magnetic flux through a circuit changes, a nonconservative electric field is induced, which drives current through the circuit. … The existence of induced electric fields is certainly not restricted to wires in circuits.

Why does a magnetic field form a closed loop?

Magnetic lines are imaginary lines. Within the magnet, they move from south pole to north pole and outside the magnet they move from north pole to south pole. Hence, magnetic lines form continuous closed loops.

Why magnetic field lines are known as non terminating curves?

A magnetic field has no sources or sinks (Gauss’s law for magnetism), so its field lines have no start or end: they can only form closed loops, extend to infinity in both directions, or continue indefinitely without ever crossing itself. … There, the field vanishes and the lines coming axially from the charges end.

Can two field lines can cross each other?

Every single location in space has its own electric field strength and direction associated with it. Consequently, the lines representing the field cannot cross each other at any given location in space.

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