Your question: When electric flux is maximum and minimum?

If the planar surface is perpendicular to the electric field vector, the maximum flux would be obtained. b. If the planar surface were parallel to the electric field vector, the minimum flux would be obtained.

In which angle electric flux is maximum?

Answer: at 0° flux is maximum.

What happens when electric flux is zero?

Electric flux is proportional to the number of electric field lines going through a normally perpendicular surface. so if the electric field is parallel to the surface that means that no electric field is passing normally to the surface and hence the flux is zero.

At which angle is electric flux zero?

Electric flux through an area :

It is a scalar quantity and is denoted by Ø. where θ is the angle between E and dA. when θ = 90°, i.e., E ⊥ dA, then flux is zero.

What is the angle in electric flux?

The electric flux Φe of a uniform electric field E through a loop of area A is defined as Φe = E A cosθ where θ is the angle between the field lines and the normal vector, n, to the plane of the loop.

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Under which of the following conditions will the electric flux be at its minimum?

if the enclosed charge in the gausian surface is maximum then the flux through the surface is also maximum. & if the enclosed charge is minimum then the flux is also minimum. since flux is directly proportional to the enclosed charge.

What is electric flux Class 12?

Electric flux – Electric flux is the measure of number of electric field lines passing through any surface . It is a scalar quantity. It’s S.I unit is volt meters. Gauss Law- It is defined as the total flux linked within a closed surface is equal to the 1ε0 times the total charge enclosed by that surface.

What is Theta in electric flux?

theta. The angle between the plane and the axis parallel to the direction of flow of the electric field.

What is electric flux density?

Scientific definitions for electric flux density

electric flux density. A measure of the strength of an electric field generated by a free electric charge, corresponding to the number of electric lines of force passing through a given area.

Does electric flux have direction?

The electric flux through the top face (FGHK) is positive, because the electric field and the normal are in the same direction. The electric flux through the other faces is zero, since the electric field is perpendicular to the normal vectors of those faces.

Can flux be negative?

The negative flux just equals in magnitude the positive flux, so that the net, or total, electric flux is zero. … If a net charge is contained inside a closed surface, the total flux through the surface is proportional to the enclosed charge, positive if it is positive, negative if it is negative.

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What angle electric flux is positive?

Electric flux ϕ=→E. →A. If angle between →E and →A is 180∘, then flux will have a ‘-ve’ sign. We consider the flux flowing out of the surface as positive and flux entering into the surface as negative.

What is electric flux equal to?

The total of the electric flux out of a closed surface is equal to the charge enclosed divided by the permittivity. The electric flux through an area is defined as the electric field multiplied by the area of the surface projected in a plane perpendicular to the field.

How do you find the electric flux angle?

If the electric field is uniform, the electric flux passing through a surface of vector area S is ΦE=E⋅S=EScosθ Φ E = E ⋅ S = ES cos ⁡ where E is the magnitude of the electric field (having units of V/m), S is the area of the surface, and θ is the angle between the electric field lines and the normal ( perpendicular ) …

How do you calculate flux?

The Electric Flux through a surface A is equal to the dot product of the electric field and area vectors E and A. The dot product of two vectors is equal to the product of their respective magnitudes multiplied by the cosine of the angle between them.