What are the factors to be considered while selecting the power plant for electricity generation?

The selection of the site for a power plant depends upon many factors such as cost of transmission of energy, cost of fuel, cost of land and taxes, requirement of space, availability of site for water power, storage space for fuel, transport facilities, availability of cooling water, nature of load, degree of …

What are the factor consider for the selection of power plants?

Selection of Site for Thermal Power Plant

  • Availability of coal:
  • Ash Disposal Facilities:
  • Water Availability :
  • Transport Facility :
  • Public Problems:
  • Nature of Land :
  • Thermal power plants in T.N: Neyveli.
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What are the factors to be considered while designing a steam power plant?

The following is a list of factors that influence the selection of site for constructing a Steam power station:

  • Supply of fuel: …
  • Availability of water: …
  • Transportation facilities: …
  • Cost & type of land: …
  • Distance from populated areas: …
  • Nearness to load centers:

What are the factors to be considered while selecting a site for a diesel power plant?

Selection of Site for a Diesel Power Station:

  • Near to Load Center: …
  • Availability of Land: …
  • Availability of Water: …
  • Foundations: …
  • Fuel Transportation: …
  • Local Conditions: …
  • Noise Pollution: …
  • Starting of Small Engine:

What are the factors to be considered while selecting a site for a steam power plant for economical and efficient generation?

Factor of selecting site for steam power plants:

Availability of raw materials: Steam power plant using coal or oil as fuel require very large amount of fuel per annum. Nature of land and its cost: The selected site should have high bearing capacity of at least 10 N/sq mm to with stand dead load of the plant.

What are the considerations to be made while selecting the suitable site for a thermal and a nuclear power plant?

Important considerations in site selection of nuclear power plants (NPP) are topography, accessibility, infrastructure, construction facilities, township for staff, availability of power supply, transmission lines and cooling water along with other important safety aspects related to geology, seismology and meteorologi …

What are factors affecting power plant design?

The most important conditions affecting the design of a power plant are: (1) The site; (2) the cost of coal; (3) water supply; (4) character of load; (5) capacity of the station.

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What are the factors to be considered while selecting a standby generator?

There are five important factors to consider when choosing a diesel generator: ensuring the right capacity for the application, its modularity potential, the type of control system it uses, its fuel efficiency and autonomy, and, finally, its physical size and logistical operation.

What considerations should be made when selecting an engine?

The Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing An Engine

  • Power – The first thing to think about is simply the power of the engine itself. …
  • Mount Compatibility – In some instances, a certain engine may simply not fit on the aircraft.

What are the three factors of generator?

The fuel you use for your generator will affect price, performance, and convenience, and you must make certain the model you have installed matches your needs. Availability and local fuel pricing will be major factors in deciding what type of generator installation will work best.

Which of the following factors are considered while selecting a site for a thermal power plant?

The availability of fuel such as coal or lignite and availability of water are the essential considerations for the site selection of a thermal power plant.

What are the criterias of site selection for a coal based thermal power plant?

There must be ample space for the storage of coal, disposal of ash, building of the power plant, residential colony of workers, markets and so forth. An approximate analysis suggests that for every MW of power generated there must be at least 3 acres of land available for the purpose.

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What would be the most important factor under consideration for the site selection of thermal power plant?

Q2. What would be the most important factor under consideration for the site selection of a thermal plant? a. Availability of fuel.