Quick Answer: Why do you expect the electric field inside the shell to be zero?

It follows that: The electric field immediately above the surface of a conductor is directed normal to that surface. … Now, the gaussian surface encloses no charge, since all of the charge lies on the shell, so it follows from Gauss’ law, and symmetry, that the electric field inside the shell is zero.

What is the electric field inside a conducting shell?

* The electric field inside the conducting shell is zero. (B) There can be no net charge inside the conductor, therefore the inner surface of the shell must carry a net charge of -Q1, and the outer surface must carry the charge +Q1 + Q2, so that the net charge on the shell equals Q2.

What is the reason for electric field being zero in the cavity of a hollow charged conductor?

If a coductor has cavity , then inside cavity electric field is zero due to external charge distribution .

Why is the electric field inside a uniformly charged spherical shell zero explain Class 12?

When a spherical shell is charged, the charges get distributed uniformly over its outer surface and the charge inside the shell is zero. According to Gauss’s law, as the charge inside is zero, the electric flux at any point inside the shell will be zero.

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Why is there no charge inside a conducting sphere?

The lowest potential energy for a charge configuration inside a conductor is always the one where the charge is uniformly distributed over its surface. This is why we can assume that there are no charges inside a conducting sphere.

Is the electric field inside a cavity zero?

The electric field inside a cavity is only zero if the cavity contains no charges.

What is the electric field inside the cavity of a conductor?

Assertion: In a cavity within a conductor, the electric field is zero. Reason: Charges in a conductor reside only at its surface.

Why the electric field vanishes in the cavity of a conductor?

The Electric Field inside a Conductor Vanishes. If an electric field is present inside a conductor, it exerts forces on the free electrons (also called conduction electrons), which are electrons in the material that are not bound to an atom. These free electrons then accelerate.

What is electric potential inside a uniformly charged spherical shell?

Inside the sphere, the field is zero, therefore, no work needs to be done to move the charge inside the sphere and, therefore, the potential there does not change.

What is electric field inside a thin charged spherical shell?

Electric Field Inside The Shell

The Gaussian surface contains no charge inside it. Hence, we can conclude that the field inside the spherical shell is always zero.

Why the electric field is zero outside the spherical capacitor?

In the case that the spheres have equal and opposite total charge, the sum is zero and, thus, the electric field in the exterior region is zero.

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