How do I resend my Nedbank electricity token?

Kindly dial *120*001# to login with your profile and pin > select option 4 for Prepaids > Prepaid electricity > Resend voucher details to request the voucher code.

How do I resend my electric token?

How to resend a prepaid electricity token

  1. Dial *120*2272#, and enter your 5-digit PIN.
  2. Select 2 for Prepaid. …
  3. Select 2 for Electricity. …
  4. Select option 3 to Resend token. …
  5. Select the beneficiary you wish to resend the token for. …
  6. Select the applicable transaction. …
  7. Select the cellphone number you wish to resend the token to.

How do I get my Nedbank App Power Token?

Debbie Prinsloo‎Nedbank

Have you tried retrieving the voucher number by dialling *120*001# ? You may also resend the voucher should you have access to internet banking or the Nedbank App Suite. Good day, kindly dial *120*001# login with your profile number and pin > select Prepaids > Resend voucher details.

How can I get my prepaid meter token?

To retrieve your last purchase, SMS your meter number to 31371 and your token will be sent back to you.

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How do I claim Nedbank free basic electricity?

1 Log in to the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking. 2 Select Buy from the dashboard menu. 3 Select Buy or claim electricity. 4 Choose Free basic electricity.

Can you reverse electricity?

No, you can’t. Once you’ve finished your transaction it can’t be reversed.

How can I check my electricity token?

Our main focus for this writing will be under the prepaid services (token) and to access that menu, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Dial *977# from a Safaricom network.
  2. Choose option 1: Prepaid services (Token)
  3. On the next menu, Choose option 2: Latest Token.
  4. Select your meter from the list provided.

How do I redeem Nedbank vouchers?

Step 1: Dial *120*002#. Step 2: Log in with your PIN. Step 3: Choose the Send option and follow the easy steps. Step 4: Remind the recipient to use the cash voucher SMS at any Nedbank ATM or participating store* within 30 days.

How do I claim free basic electricity?

STEP 1: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone. STEP 2: Dial 1 to select Prepaid. STEP 3: Dial 3 to select Electricity. STEP 4: Dial 2 to select Claim Free Basic Electricity (FBE).

How can I get free prepaid electricity?

To claim the benefit, customers should visit their nearest vendor. Alternatively, USSD codes *130*869# or *130*269# are available to already configured customers to claim the benefit via a cell phone at no charge to the customer.

How can I recover my token number?

How to Retrieve/ Get the KPLC Token Number

  1. Dial *977# on your phone.
  2. Select Prepaid Services (Token)
  3. Select Latest Token.
  4. Select your Meter Number from the choices.
  5. The last three tokens for your selected Meter No. will be displayed.
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How can I retrieve my token number?

Dial*977# Select prepaid service (Token) or Postpaid services (Bill) Select Latest Token. Enter Meter Number.

How do I find my token number?

You can easily check your KPLC Token number by dialling *977#.

How to get access to your KPLC Token Number

  1. On your phone dial *977#
  2. Choose Prepaid Services (Token)
  3. Select Latest Token option.
  4. Select your Meter Number from the choices.
  5. The last three tokens for your selected Meter No. will be displayed.

How do I claim my FBE token?

Dial *120*4885# and select option 1 for FBE Token. Enter your 11 or 13 digit prepaid meter number and receive your token on your cellphone. Standard call rates apply.

How do I register my FBE meter number?

To claim FBE:

  1. Dial string *130*269#
  2. Select FBE.
  3. Select NEW.
  4. Enter your Meter number.
  5. Confirm meter number.
  6. Click Dismiss, then SMS will be sent to you.

What happens when prepaid electricity runs out?

Prepaid meters automatically disconnect if the tokens run out. This can happen at any time, day or night, in an emergency, if you didn’t correctly calculate how long the beans will take to cook for supper or that your child forgot to iron his or her school clothes the day before.