Frequent question: What do you mean by electric discharge?

An electric discharge is the release and transmission of electricity in an applied electric field through a medium such as a gas.

What is electric discharge class 12?

Electric discharge is defined as the process of the release and transfer of electricity in an applied electric field through any possible medium. Usually, electric discharge is made to occur through a gas or the atmospheric air.

What is electric discharge How does it work?

The electrode tool is lowered into the workpiece (left). In the small gap between tool and workpiece, a discharge occurs that removes material (right). The principle behind this process is the ability of controlled electric sparks to erode material. The workpiece and electrode do not touch during this porcess.

What is electric discharge with example?

Electric discharge denotes the excitation of atomic states in a gaseous medium on passing an electric current through the medium. An ordinary household fluorescent lamp is an example of an electric-discharge source.

What is electric discharge in short answer?

Electric discharge refers to the flow of electricity or electric charge through a medium. The medium may be a solid, a liquid or a gas. When two points of different electrical potential make contact in the medium in which they are placed, it causes an electric discharge.

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What is electric discharge class 8?

Answer: When negative and positive charges meet, producing streaks of bright light and sound. This process is called an electric discharge. When the accumulation of charges between lower part of clouds and earth becomes large, it is sufficient to break the insulation of air.

What is discharge of Class 8?

Discharged: When a body loses charge to the earth or any other body, it is said to he disch.

What do you mean by discharge?

1a : the act of relieving of something that oppresses : release. b : something that discharges or releases especially : a certification of release or payment produced the discharge as evidence. 2 : the state of being discharged or relieved. 3 : the act of discharging or unloading her discharge from the hospital.

What causes electric discharge?

When two electrically charged objects, such as the human body and an electronic device come into contact with each other, static electricity is discharged. This phenomenon is called ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). ESD generated from the human body can be of the order of several thousand volts.

What does discharge mean in physics?

physics. the act or process of removing or losing charge or of equalizing a potential difference. a transient or continuous conduction of electricity through a gas by the formation and movement of electrons and ions in an applied electric field.

What is electric discharge give two examples of electric discharge?

The Flow of charge through air or a glass is called electric discharge. Sparks and lightning are examples of electric discharge.

What is discharge earth science?

Discharge is the volume of water moving down a stream or river per unit of time, commonly expressed in cubic feet per second or gallons per day.

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What is grounding and discharging?

So, the electrons jump from your hand to the conductor. This movement of excess, or extra, charged particles is called discharge. Often, a spark is associated with an electric discharge. … This process is called grounding because many times the electric charge is directed into the ground.