Your question: What do you do with your old electric toothbrush?

Can I throw away old electric toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush contains plastic, batteries and electrical components. The batteries, in particular, should not be disposed with or amongst your ‘normal’ waste. The chemicals in the battery can be dangerous to the environment if disposed of amongst general waste that goes to landfills.

How do you discard an electric toothbrush?

You can recycle your electric toothbrush heads for free in the comfort of your home by sending them to TerraCycle. Simply download and print off a shipping label, post your flosser nozzles, toothbrush heads and floss containers to them, and they’ll recycle your dental products for you in their recycling plant.

What do you do with old electric toothbrush heads?

You can drop the brush heads off special locations, but you can too ship them to TerraCycle.

You can also deposit any of the following items:

  1. Any brand of toothbrushes.
  2. Any brand of toothpaste tubes and caps.
  3. Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads.
  4. Any brand of floss containers.

Can Oral B toothbrush heads be recycled?

What can I send in through the Recycle on Us recycling program? You can send in used oral care products including toothbrushes, brush heads, toothpaste tubes, mouthwash containers, floss containers, floss string, and floss picks.

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Are Oral B toothpaste tubes recyclable?

Toothpaste tubes – these tubes are often made of different types of plastics, as well as containing a metal layer (in order to keep it minty fresh!). In general they are not recyclable, although there have been breakthroughs including by Colgate and Terracyle offer a recycling scheme for oral care products.

When should you throw away an electric toothbrush?

Brush heads

You will be aware that every 3 months the brush head on your electric toothbrush should be replaced. Made of various plastics and nylon, the brush heads cannot normally be recycled.

How do you dispose of Oral B electric toothbrush?

Separate the metal portions of the toothbrush from the plastic portions of the toothbrush. Put the metal portions in the appropriate recycling container and the plastic portions in the appropriate recycling container if your local recycling agency or electronics recycling agency recycles electric toothbrushes.

How do you dispose of Oral B toothbrush heads?

There are several ways to recycle an electric toothbrush in the UK.

  1. Kerbside collection. Your local authority may collect small electrical items such as electric toothbrushes if you arrange a kerbside collection. …
  2. Recycling bring site. …
  3. Recycling centre. …
  4. Currys. …
  5. Shops.