You asked: Does San Antonio have a nuclear power plant?

Does Texas have nuclear power plants?

There are two operating nuclear power plants in Texas. The South Texas Project (STP) is in Matagorda County near Bay City, about 90 miles southwest of Houston. Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant is in Somervell County near Glen Rose, TX, about 40 miles south of Fort Worth.

Why did Texas nuclear plant shut down?

On June 7, almost a full week before the heatwave, a reactor at the Comanche Peak nuclear plant outside of Dallas dropped offline because of a transformer fire. Although the flames were quickly doused, the reactor is still down, and owner Vistra Corp. hasn’t said when it may return.

Are Texas nuclear plants safe?

The safety record of nuclear power in our region is without parallel. The South Texas Project has operated very safely and reliably throughout its lifetime, with only three reactor trips in the past several years. In 2016, Unit 1 tripped due to a main generator lock.

What is the newest power plant in Texas?

1.2-GW Dedicated Hydrogen-Fired Power Plant Starts Taking Shape in Texas

  • Entergy’s proposed Orange County Advanced Power Station is a 1,215-MW dual-fuel combined cycle power facility that will be fired with hydrogen and natural gas. …
  • A view of existing hydrogen (H2) systems in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.
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Why does Texas freeze?

A shortfall of available natural gas power generation was the Big Freeze’s main culprit. Texas natural gas production fell by 45% due to frozen wells, frozen pipes, and a lack of electricity to manage other gas infrastructure components, leaving some generators without fuel to burn.

Is the South Texas nuclear plant operating?

The South Texas Project Electric Generating Station (also known as STP, STPEGS, South Texas Project), is a nuclear power station southwest of Bay City, Texas, United States.

South Texas Nuclear Generating Station.

South Texas Project (STP) Electric Generating Station
Coordinates 28°47′44″N 96°2′56″WCoordinates: 28°47′44″N 96°2′56″W
Status Operational

When did Texas Freeze 2021?

2021 Texas power crisis

February 7, before February 16, after Satellite images of Houston before and after the storm. The dark patches in the latter image depict areas left without electricity.
Date February 10–27, 2021 (2 weeks and 3 days)
Type Statewide power outages, food/water shortages
Cause Multiple severe winter storms