Why electric lines of force are called continuous and not closed in nature explain?

The main reason behind the electrostatic field lines not forming a closed loop is that the no electric field line exists inside the charged body. Therefore, we say electrostatic field lines never form closed loops.

Why electric lines of force are continuous?

(a) An electrostatic field line is a continuous curve because a charge experiences a continuous force when traced in an electrostatic field. The field line cannot have sudden breaks because the charge moves continuously and does not jump from one point to the other. … Hence, two field lines never cross each other.

Why do the electric field lines not form closed loops Class 12?

Complete step by step answer

Since electric field lines originate and terminate on charges of opposite polarity, electric field lines can never form closed loops as to form a closed loop, the electric field lines must originate and end at the same charge.

Why are electric field lines continuous curves without any breaks?

The unit charge is the charge that passes through the cross-section of an electric conductor that carries one ampere of current in one second. Therefore, the electrostatic field line will not have any sudden breaks because the charge will move continuously, and also the charge will not jump from one point to another.

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What are continuous field lines?

The field lines are continuous at every point around the charge. The density of the lines only represents the strength of the E- field. Page 3. In the middle figure note that only half of the lines leaving the positive charge enter the negative charge.

Why the electric lines of force are not continuous?

“Every line of force in an electrostatic field originates from a positive charge at one end and terminates on a negative charge at other and they are discontinuous curves.

Does electric field have to be continuous?

Conventionally, electric field lines emerge out of a positive charge and sink up at the negative charge. That is because we take a ‘unit positive charge’ as a measure to define electric field. As far as the logic goes, electric field lines should always be continuous.

Why do electric field lines do not cross each other?

Electric field lines always point in one direction, at any point. When two lines intersect each other, tangents are drawn at that point indicating two directions of electric field lines, which is impossible therefore electric field lines cannot cross over each other.

Why magnetic field lines form closed loops?

Magnetic lines are imaginary lines. Within the magnet, they move from south pole to north pole and outside the magnet they move from north pole to south pole. Hence, magnetic lines form continuous closed loops.

Why electric field inside a conductor is zero?

Electric field is zero inside a charged conductor. For a charged conductor, the charges will lie on the surface of the conductor.So, there will not be any charges inside the conductor. When there is no charge there will not be electric field.

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Are electric field lines closed curves?

Electric field lines are open curves which originate from positive charge and terminate into negative charge.

Is electric field at a point continuous or discontinuous?

Electric field at a point is continuous if there is no charge at that point. And the field is discontinuous if there is charge at that point.

Can electric field lines be broken?

That is, a field line cannot have sudden breaks.