Who owns Satsop nuclear power plant?

“It’s not abandoned, the site is owned and managed by the Port of Grays Harbor,” said Alissa Shay, manager of development for Satsop Business Park. “It’s 1800 acres total and we manage it as a business park, so we have about 50 tenants here doing business. It’s definitely very active.”

Who owns most nuclear power plants?

The United States has the most operational nuclear reactors on the planet – 96. Together they have a capacity of 97,565 MW, and last year nuclear energy made up about 20% of the country’s electricity generation. France is home to 58 nuclear reactors, which produce about 75% of the country’s electricity.

What happened to the Satsop nuclear power plant?

The project was plagued with cost overruns, and construction stopped in early 1982 leaving the plant unfinished but more than half complete, with monstrous cooling towers and mostly-complete reactor containment domes.

Who owns Britain’s nuclear plant?

EDF Energy owns and manages the six currently operating and one de-fuelling reactor sites, with a combined capacity of about 9 GW.


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Power station Hinkley Point B
Current operator EDF Energy
Construction started 1967
Connected to grid 1976
Commercial operation 1976

What company owns the nuclear power plants in Illinois?

The plant is currently owned and operated by Commonwealth Edison’s parent company, Exelon Corporation. The plant provides electricity to northern Illinois and the city of Chicago.

Are there any privately owned nuclear power plants?

Today, almost all the commercial reactors in the USA are owned by private companies, and nuclear industry as a whole has far greater private participation, and less concentration, than any other country.

What company owns the most nuclear power plants in the US?

Southern Company (NYSE:SO) is the company with the greatest electricity generation capacity in the United States. In the old version of the table nuclear power represented 15% of its nearly 43 gigawatt (GW) electricity generation capacity.

Can you visit Satsop nuclear power plant?

Visit the remains of the unfinished nuclear power plant at the Satsop Business Park near Olympia. In addition to being an active businesses park, it is a training facility and filming location.

How tall are the Satsop cooling towers?

The Cooling Towers

Two enormous, unused nuclear towers that stand nearly 500 feet tall are available for filming. The base is 440 feet wide with a diameter of 260 feet at the throat and 280 feet at the top.

Is Hanford still active?

Today the Hanford site encompasses 586 square miles. Over time, the plutonium production complex grew to nine reactors, all now closed. Hanford is the site of the only operating nuclear power plant in the Northwest, the Columbia Generating Station operated by Energy Northwest.

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Where does UK uranium come from?

Many of the mined ores contain uraninite, a uranium-rich ore made mainly from uranium oxide. The largest uranium ore deposits are found in Asia, Canada, Australia and Africa. There are some uranium ore deposits in the UK but they are too small to be economic and so no commercial mining happens in this country.

What percentage of UK electricity comes from nuclear power?

The UK currently has eight operational nuclear power stations, which supplied 18.7 per cent of total electricity supply in 2018. Nuclear installed capacity peaked at 12.7 GW in 1995, with the opening of Sizewell B – the last nuclear reactor to be opened in the UK.

What percentage of UK electricity is nuclear?

Currently, around 21 per cent of Britain’s electricity supply is provided by nuclear power from 15 reactors. View a list of all of the nuclear power stations in the UK at the World Nuclear Association’s website. There are plans for around a quarter of Britain’s energy to be supplied from nuclear plants by 2025.