Which statement about hydroelectric power plants is wrong?

Which statement is wrong for hydroelectric power plant?

Which statement about hydroelectric power plant is wrong? b) Its construction coast is very high and takes a long time for erection. c) It is very neat and clean plant because no smoke or ash is produced. d) Meeting rapidly changing load demands is not possible in hydroelectric power plant.

Which of the following is true about hydroelectric power plant?

Which among the following is true for hydroelectric power plants? Explanation: For a hydroelectric power plant, the operating cost is low and the initial cost is high. The initial cost is high due to the large area required for construction. Since, the fuel cost is comparatively cheaper, the operating cost is low.

Which of the following is disadvantage of hydropower?

dams can be constructed only in limited areas. large areas of land get submerged within water when dams are erected. submerged vegetation rots under anaerobic conditions and produce methane, a green house gas.

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What is the problem with hydro power?

Increasingly, however, activists claim that large-scale hydro projects come at an intolerable cost to the surrounding environment, damaging free-flowing rivers and aquatic ecosystems, and resulting, in some cases, in the forced displacement of local communities by construction sites and reservoirs.

Which of the following statement about economic survey of steam power plant is wrong?

Which of the following statement about economiser of steam power plant is wrong? b) It uses the heat of flue gases used by boiler going to the chimney. Explanation: Economiser is used to rise the temperature of feed water. Air preheater is used to raise the temperature of intake air.

Which statement about surge tank is wrong?

Which statement about surge tank is wrong? Explanation: Function of surge tank is to relieve the penstock from excessive water hammer pressure. It does so by receiving rejected flow of water into the tank. A totally closed tank can not release pressure so usually surge tanks are left open at the top.

Which of the following component is not a part of hydroelectric power plant?

Explanation: Sedimentation is not a constituent of a hydro power plant. Usually a dam, water reservoir, intake and control gates, water turbines and penstack are some of the components that are used in major parts of a hydro electric power plant.

Which of the following statements about power station is not true?

The statement “Electricity from thermal power stations differs from that produced in hydroelectric power stations” is not true.

Which of the following power plant is least reliable?

Detailed Solution. Wind energy is least reliable energy source by providing signification amounts of electricity.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of small hydropower plants?

Micro Hydro Power – Pros and Cons

  • Efficient energy source. …
  • Reliable electricity source. …
  • No reservoir required. …
  • Cost effective energy solution. …
  • Power for developing countries. …
  • Integrate with the local power grid. …
  • Suitable site characteristics required. …
  • Energy expansion not possible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydropower plant Class 10?

Advantages of Hydroelectricity: It is a clean and non-polluting source of energy. No fuel is required.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectricity:

  • Highly expensive.
  • Large areas of human habitation and agricultural fields are submerged.
  • Dams can be made in limited areas.