What is dipole length in electric dipole?

We understood that an electric dipole is an arrangement of equal and opposite charges. Since the two charges are separated by a distance ‘2a’, which is called the dipole length. The distance between the charge and the centre of the dipole is ‘a’.

What is dipole length class 12?

CBSE NCERT Notes Class 12 Physics Electric Charges Fields. An electric dipole is a pair of equal and opposite point charges q and –q, separated by a distance of 2a. Direction from –q to q is the direction of the dipole. The mid-point of locations of –q and q is called the center of the dipole.

Why dipole length is 2a?

When we take the length as 2a, it becomes easier to substitute while calculating electric field, etc. … So, if we take the length as ‘a’ then in such cases mid distance will be a/2 and the calculation will become tedious. Hence, for convenience, the length is taken as 2a.

What is the length of ideal dipole?

An ideal dipole has absolutely no size because it is made of electric charges attached in a very short length to facilitate uniformly distribution of charges along its length.

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What is the formula for electric dipole?

An electric dipole is formed by two point charges +q and −q connected by a vector a. The electric dipole moment is defined as p = qa .

What is dipole length physics?

tendency to rotate in an electric or magnetic field) and is therefore called polar. The dipole moment (μ) is defined as the product of the magnitude of the charge, e, and the distance separating the positive and negative charges, l: μ = el.

What is electric dipole?

An electric dipole is defined as a couple of opposite charges q and –q separated by a distance d. … The midpoint q and –q is called the centre of the dipole. The simplest example of an electric dipole is a pair of electric charges of two opposite signs and equal magnitude separated by distance.

What is Q 2a?

Here, 2a is a distance and hence is scalar. Also, q is scalar. The product of two scalars is also a scalar.

What is electric dipole Class 12?

The electric dipole is a pair of two equal and opposite charges, +q and −q are separated by a very small distance. … The electric dipole moment of the electric dipole is defined as the product of the magnitude of one of the charges of the dipole and the separation distance between them.

What is distance in dipole moment?

Dipole moments occur when there is a separation of charge. … The larger the difference in electronegativity, the larger the dipole moment. The distance between the charge separation is also a deciding factor into the size of the dipole moment. The dipole moment is a measure of the polarity of the molecule.

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What is ideal electric dipole?

An electric dipole is composed of two electric charges with opposite signs brought very close together. An ideal electric dipole is one in which the two charges are only infinitesimally separated. Equations defined particularly for electric dipoles are defined in terms of the electric dipole moment. (vec{p}). (p ).

What do you mean by a point dipole?

A point (electric) dipole is the limit obtained by letting the separation tend to 0 while keeping the dipole moment fixed. The field of a point dipole has a particularly simple form, and the order-1 term in the multipole expansion is precisely the point dipole field.

What is ideal dipole give example?

An ideal dipole consists of two very very large charges + q and -q seperated by a very very small distance. – An ideal dipole has almost no size. – Molecules are made up of positive and negative charges seperated by small distances like water, ammonia etc and they act as electric dipoles. –

How is dipole moment calculated?

The dipole moment is calculated by multiplying the distance between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms by the difference in their charge. Then, the angle between the atoms is used to find the net dipole moment. The angle formed by a water molecule is known to be 104.5° and the bond moment of the O-H bond is -1.5D.

What is Torque on dipole?

The torque on an Electric Dipole in an Electric Field that is uniform. … An electric dipole in an electric field that is external is subjected to a torque written as τ = pE sin θ where symbol θ is the angle which is between p and E. The torque tends to align the moment of the dipole p in the direction of E.

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