What is a good source of energy class 10?

The sun is the source of all energy. The sun is a renewable source of energy, provides us heat and light energy free of cost. The energy obtained from the sun is called solar energy.

What is a good source of energy short answer?

There are many properties a good source of energy must hold which are , calorific value ( heat produced per unit mass ) which must be high, good availability , low ignition temperature , feasibility , economic , clean as in terms of environment pollution , easy to store and transport .

What is the best source of energy class 10?

Energy from Sun’s radiations is known as solar energy. There is enormous amount of solar energy obtained everyday and being in India, we are lucky to receive solar energy for greater part of the year. Devices like solar cookers, solar water heaters etc. are used to obtain energy from sun for various purposes.

What is a good sources of energy?

Some of the renewable energy sources are solar energy, wind energy, biomass and hydropower energy. It is called renewable because it is sustainable. It is also referred to as alternative energy as these are the alternatives of non-renewable energies.

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What is a good source of energy example?

Examples- coal, natural gas, petroleum, and water power. Examples- solar, biomass, wind, biogas, and tidal, geothermal. In this article, you learned about the natural resources, energy, the sources of energy and what makes a good source of energy.

What is a good source of energy Chapter 14?

Sun: The energy obtained from the sun is known as solar energy. It is produced by the fusion of hydrogen into helium, fusion of helium into other heavy metals and it continues. A large amount of hydrogen and helium is available in the sun which will never be exhausted. Hence, solar energy is renewable source of energy.

What is a good source of energy and what is a good fuel?

Ans: Natural gas can be used for heating and cooking food as it is a clean source of energy. It has high calorific value also It does not produce a large amount of smoke on burning. It is easy to use and easy to transport.

Which one is good source of energy among coal and CNG?

Answer: Thermal power is the “largest” source of power in India. There are different types of thermal power plants based on the fuel used to generate the steam such as coal, gas, and Diesel, natural gas.

What is energy for 10th class?

Energy is defined as a physical quantity that is transferred from one object to another to perform work or to heat the object. The S.I. unit of Energy is Joule (J), and it is a derived unit.

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What is our main source of energy?

Our energy supply comes mainly from fossil fuels, with nuclear power and renewable sources rounding out the mix. These sources originate mostly in our local star, the Sun.