What do I do after Kalos power plant?

After the battle, two mysterious masked kids come up to you. They heal your pokémon and give you some Full Restores. They say that the power is back on in Lumiose City, and you can go to the north part of Lumiose City by going south from Lumiose Badlands.

How do you get past Route 13 in Pokemon Y?

Continue along this path until you reach TM57 Charge Beam at the end. Return to the main part of the route by jumping a few ledges to the south. Another long rail should be near the south part of this route. Grind this rail to reach a Sun Stone.

Route 13 – Lumiose Badlands.

Pokemon Slugma
Type Fire
Area Rock Smash
Version X and Y

Where do I go after beating Team flare?

After it’s all over, Shauna says you should go back to Anistar City to resume your journey. After you get there, you should go east from the Pokémon Center. You’ll get a Holo Clip from Professor Sycamore asking you to meet him in Couriway Town. Keep going east, then south, to reach Route 18: Vallée Étroite Way.

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How do you get to North Lumiose City?

North Boulevard is the northern outer street of Lumiose City. You will only be able to reach this area after restoring the power at the Kalos Power Plant and entering from Route 13. After defeating the Lumiose City Gym, you will be able to reach Route 14 from the North Boulevard.

Where is the Kalos power plant pass?

The Power Plant Pass is on the big boulder to the right. Take it, then walk past the Grunt and go north, then check on the door to go into the Kalos Power Plant.

How do I find my power plant pass?

Head north-west. In Your equipment, use Dowsing Machine (obtained en route to Cyllage). Follow the direction the rod (machine) points to find a Power Plant Pass. Then, head north-west further for a single door, and enter the Power Plant.

Which button do I press in Pokemon Y?

Which button should you press? The outcome is the same either way, but pressing the blue button is the “good” choice.

What team flare scientist has the key?

Lysandre will tell you one of the Team Flare Scientists in this area has the key to the elevator. Get around this area by stepping on the warp panels with arrows on them.

Which button activates the ultimate weapon in Pokemon Y?

In the present day, in Lysandre Labs, AZ was captured by Lysandre. He warned him about using the Ultimate Weapon by telling the tale of his own mistake in creating it, but was ignored.

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How do you break rocks in Pokemon Y?

Like previous games, there are various rocks dotted across the region, all of which can be smash using the move Rock Smash which can be obtained in Ambrette Town. When you use the move Rock Smash, there is a chance that you can find an item, or that a Pokémon will attack.

Where is the Pokemon Center in Coumarine city?

At the southeast part of town is the Monorail Station. It will take you from the Seaside Station to the Hillcrest Station where the Pokemon Center and Gym are located.

How do you get to Kiloude City?

How to Get to Kiloude City. After you defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, go to Lumiose Station on North Boulevard of Lumiose City. Talk to Professor Sycamore there and he will give you the TMV Pass. Check on the orange ticket machine next to the train to ride to Kiloude City.