Question: How do I activate emergency credit on electric meter?

How do I activate emergency credit on my electric smart meter?

Using Emergency Credit on my smart energy monitor

  1. Go to the home screen on your smart energy monitor.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Choose the fuel you want emergency credit for and press Select.
  4. Scroll to Emergency and press Select.
  5. Press the Accept button.
  6. The screen will then show Accepted.

How do I put emergency electric on my smart meter Eon?

Electricity – Press button ‘A’ when “Emergency Credit” is flashing as available on the screen. When prompted press ‘B’ to accept emergency credit. “Emergency Credit accepted” will now be shown on screen. Gas – Press button ‘A’ until you see screen ‘ACCEPT EmCr?

How do I activate emergency credit on electric meter Botswana?

How to get emergency electricity credit in Botswana from Botswana Power Corporation

  1. When your electricity power has been shut off due to low credit.
  2. Go to your electric meter box.
  3. press 811 on the numeric keypad.
  4. press enter ⏎
  5. You will be given emergency credit of at least P5.00.
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How do you put emergency electric on smart meter utility warehouse?

Second-generation smart meter

  1. Tap the ‘Lightning bolt/flame’ button on your smart meter display: For electricity credit, until you see the lightning symbol on screen. …
  2. Tap ‘OK’.
  3. Tap ‘OK’ again to select ‘Emergency Credit’ then use the left and right arrows to choose ‘Yes’ or ‘Not yet’.
  4. Tap ‘OK’ to save your choice.

How do I add credit to my electric meter?

How do I top up for the first time?

  1. Put your key or card into the meter for at least a minute to activate it.
  2. Top up your key or card at a convenient Payzone or Post Office.
  3. Put the key or card into your meter. Electricity credit will transfer automatically.

Do you get emergency credit on smart meters?

If you’ve got a smart Pay As You Go meter, you can start using your emergency credit quickly and easily through your In-Home Display, or your Smart Energy Tracker if you have one of these. You can also activate emergency credit directly on the smart meter(s).

How do I activate my Eon Electric key?

Simply register your new gas card/electricity key before you topping up. You can do this by popping it into the meter and leaving it there until it beeps.

What is BPC number?

​The customer may call BPC at its Contact Centre number of 16266 or SMS to 77 110 000 or 74 600 900.

How can I buy electricity in Botswana?

How do I buy prepaid electricity:

  1. dial *145# and press send or (call)
  2. choose option 2 for “Orange Money Transactions”
  3. Enter your Orange Money secret code (PIN)
  4. Choose option 2 ‘Prepaid Services’
  5. Choose option 3 for “Buy Motlakase”
  6. Please enter your BPC meter number.
  7. Enter the purchase amount, minimum of P7.
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How do I buy electricity online in Botswana?

Easily top up your electricity with BotswanaPost. Buy prepaid electricity for your home or business right here, or by downloading the PosoApp by downloading on the Play Store or through PosoMoney. Our easy to use online platforms are built with you in mind. Get the units you need for your prepaid meter in minutes.