How long are the cords on electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplace’s cords are typically between six and seven feet long. The cord is usually an adequate length for the electric fireplace to be plugged right in. Once installed (plugged in) you will hardly notice the cord.

Can I use an extension cord on an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces that come with a power cord should be plugged straight into a standard electrical outlet. An electric fireplace should not be plugged into any type of extension cord.

Can you extend electric fire cable?

Can I plug an electric fire into an extension lead? … Whilst the electric fire is very safe you should never overload an extension lead or multiple extension leads.

Does an electric fireplace need a special outlet?

Does it need to be on a dedicated circuit? Most electric fireplaces can be plugged into a standard 120 Volt outlet, and no dedicated circuit is required.

How do you plug in electric fireplace?

As such, electric fireplaces simply need to be plugged into a nearby power socket to work. Many manufacturers of electric fireplaces, including the manufacturers of my own electric fireplaces, state that they should always be plugged straight into a power socket, and never any form of timer plug or extension lead.

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Do electric fireplaces use 110 or 220?

Electric fireplaces use approximately the same amount of electricity as the average space heater. Since most fireplaces operate on a standard household outlet, they use 120 volts to power the internal heater and draw about 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps.

Can you just plug in an electric fire?

Yes, electric fires really do just plug in! … However, you can also find some ‘plug in and go’ type electric fire suites. These simply come straight out of the box in one piece and can be plugged directly into the wall for immediate use.

What size breaker do I need for an electric fireplace?

The only requirement with where you place it is that it’s in proximity to a 120-volt outlet or 15-amp circuit to ensure you can plug it in without using an extension cord. Most homes have at least one 120-volt in each room. Those with a 20-amp circuit can hook up more devices and run more energy through the outlets.

What is a 14 AWG extension cord?

Recommended wire gauge for extension cords

Larger numbers mean smaller wires, which in turn means it can carry less power. A cord measuring 14 AWG is the thinnest we recommend—and at lengths of only 25 feet or shorter—and the much thicker 10 AWG is likely the thickest gauge you’ll find in an extension cord.

Does the back of an electric fireplace get hot?

The back of an electric fireplace may get warm during operation as a result of the electrical components inside giving off small amounts of heat, but the back of an electric fireplace is unlikely to get hot.

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Do electric fireplaces heat a room?

Electric fireplaces are one of the most efficient ways to heat a home and heat rooms faster and more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces. Since heat rises, traditional chimney fireplaces let all the heat out through the chimney. … With an electric fireplace, rooms warm up quickly and stay warm throughout use.

Can a TV and electric fireplace be on the same circuit?

I’m assuming that your house was wired up properly in which case a 12 gauge wire would mean a 20 amp circuit so assuming your tv is less than 7 amps, and you don’t have any other large appliances on the same circuit you shouldn’t have any problems.

How do you hide electric fire wires?

How to Hide Wires From an Electric Fireplace

  1. Run the fireplace electric wires under the carpet edge between the back of the fireplace and the wall outlet. …
  2. Use cord raceways to hide the fireplace wires. …
  3. Surround the electric fireplace with large pieces of furniture such as bookshelves.

Can you put a fireplace insert in a real fireplace?

Professionals can install a fireplace insert into your existing fireplace with a masonry chimney. … Upgrading to a fireplace insert can help you take advantage of a greater heating efficiency compared to an older wood-burning fireplace.