How do you remove copper from an electric motor?

How much copper is in an electric motor?

On average, fractional electric motors are 9-10 percent copper by weight. AC motors average 7-9 percent copper; DC motors have 15-18 percent copper content.

What parts of an electric motor are copper?

What’s Inside an Electric Motor? The coil is made of copper wire, because copper is such an excellent conductor. It is wound onto an armature. The coil becomes an electromagnet when a current flows through it.

How do you remove copper rotor?

To divide the copper from the rotor it’s needed to burn it in a fire. The fire needs to be normal, not too strong so that the copper doesn’t melt. When the rotor has cooled off, start taking it out from the opposite side.

How do you remove tin from copper wire?

Tin can be removed from copper and copper alloys in a solution of sodium hydroxide (120 g/l ), room temp. Make the work anodic, use a steel cathode at 6 volts.

Is it worth stripping electric motors?

Most electric motors are not worth dismantling for scrap. The copper content is usually not a high enough grade to justify the time it would take to separate from the other parts of the motor.

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How much copper is in a 1hp motor?

2) Copper weight is @ 600gm per HP (+/-) 10%.

Are motor windings copper?

In most circumstances the motors are copper wound and could be worth more money if you wanted to take them apart, but sometimes they are wound with aluminum.

Is copper a wire?

A copper wire is a single electrical conductor made of copper. … Copper has the lowest resistance to the flow of electricity of all non-precious metals. Electrical wiring in buildings is the most important market for the copper industry. About half of all copper mined is used to make electrical wire and cable conductors.

What is a copper motor?

Copper rotor motors are 1 to 20 horsepower, basic alternating current induction motors with a reduced-loss copper rotor. … As a result, a smaller cooling fan can be employed, which reduces friction and windage losses and improves motor full- and part-load efficiency.

How much is an electric motor worth as scrap?

electric motor and it is worth $0.15 per lb in scrap (prices vary of course depending on market demands, etc.) which means that motor is worth $1.50 as-is. If you take that electric motor apart you will need tools, time, and patience.

Why do motors have copper in them?

The high conductivity of copper means that components can be made smaller and kept closer together. … Their efficiency can be improved using cast copper rotors – again because currents will flow so easily in copper. Electric motors are typically 85 to 95% efficient in transferring energy to their load.

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