How do you get K Electric messages?

How can I check my electricity bill through SMS?

How to Use KPLC eBill Service

  1. Open a new SMS message service.
  2. Enter the message recipient as 95551.
  3. Enter the first digits of your account number in the message field. e.g., if your account number is 562897-01, enter 562897.
  4. Wait for an automatic reply with your account balance details. E-bill e-mail Service.

How do I complain to Ke via SMS?

SMS us: You can send complaints via SMS following a one-time registration process. To lodge your complaint, type CHAT [space], [your message] and SMS it to 8119. Call us: To make a complaint, please call 118 or (021)99000 to speak to one of our representatives.

How do I get my K Electric withholding certificate online?

Tax Certificate Via a visit to your nearest Integrated Business Centre (IBC) Download it from the convenience of your home via KE WhatsApp. Via K Electric Live App. call 118 and request for your Advance Tax Certificate.

How do I check the status of my K Electric complaint?

Online through

In addition to this an applicant may also check his/her application status against their Case ID by:

  1. Calling 118.
  2. Sending an email to
  3. Visiting the relevant IBC.
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How do I find my K Electric account number?

Account Details are mentioned in the top of the bill.

These include:

  1. Consumer Name.
  2. Consumer Address.
  3. GST No. / NTN No. (only for applicable consumers)
  4. Tariff details.
  5. Account Number.

How do I email my K electric bill?

To receive your Paperless Bill every month via email, please fill out the form below:

  1. Consumer Name * Only alphabets are allowed.
  2. Consumer Email * Email address where you will receive your KE bill.
  3. Account Number * 13-digits account number starting with 0400xxxxxxxxx.
  4. Consumer Number 8 digits.

How can I call Ke from mobile?

For customer complaints/queries, call us at 118 or 99000.

What is supplementary bill K Electric?

16. Supplementary Bill means a bill other than a Monthly Bill raised by any of the Parties in accordance with Article 8 of this Agreement; Sample 2.

How can I add my mobile number to electricity bill?

Change Mobile Number in Electricity Bill Online

  1. Visit the UPPCL’s official website.
  2. Click on ‘Login’ to log in with your credentials (If you haven’t registered at UPPCL’s portal then click on ‘Register’ and complete the registration process).
  3. Once you have logged in to the portal, click on ‘Update Mobile Number’.

How do I download K Electric tax certificate?

How will I get my Advance Tax Deduction certificate? Easily get this via a visit to your nearest IBC or download it from the convenience of your home via KE WhatsApp or KE Live App.

How can I get my PTCL withholding certificate?

Download Online PTCL Withholding Tax Certificate

  1. You will be redirected to the relevant page on ptcl website.
  2. Select service type; Landline or Evo/ CharJi.
  3. Select the area code and enter your phone number.
  4. Write your Account ID (available on your bill).
  5. Select period for withholding tax statement is required.
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How can I reduce my electricity bill in Pakistan?

Following are some of the ways to reduce your electricity bill in summers.

  1. Cut down on energy leaks.
  2. Reduce electricity usage during peak hours.
  3. Upgrade to inverter air conditioners.
  4. Replace normal lights with LEDs.
  5. Block the sunlight.