How do I get my old electricity bill Uppcl?

For viewing your UPPCL electricity bill online, click on the View Bill button. You can see your electricity bill in a new tab/new window. You can download it if you want from there.

How can I get my old Uppcl bill?

In order to check or view the UPPCL bill, visit the official website of UPPCL and select UPPCL Urban. Complete the log-in process and click on View Bill. On the next page, enter the Account No., Password, and Captcha. Subsequently, click on Log in.

How can I check my electricity bill in UP?

Through mobile app

  1. Download the UPPCL mobile app.
  2. Log in by providing your account number and mobile number and click on ‘Verify’.
  3. You will then enter the portal where you can click on ‘Quick Pay Bills’
  4. You will be directed to a new page where you will be able to view your electricity bill amount.

How do I recover my Uppcl account?

If you have forgotten your Password as well as my Secret Answer then call our Customer Care Center and provide your Account ID. Validate your details with our agent and successful verification your account would be reset and you can register yourself online again.

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How can I check my old electricity bill online Uttarakhand?

To view your old electricity bills at UPCL Uttarakhand.

  1. Go to the UPCL website.
  2. Enter your Service Connection Number.
  3. View or Pay your Bill.

How can I download electricity bill Jdvvnl?

You can download the JDVVNL online bill by following the given steps:

  1. Go to JDVVNL bill payment page on MobiKwik.
  2. Click on ‘View Sample Bill’ to find out your K-number on JDVVNL bill.
  3. Click on ‘Proceed’
  4. Download the payment receipt from the dashboard.

How can I generate my own electricity bill?

How to get electricity bill on mobile? Send SMS on 5616195 to get electricity bill on mobile by writing Bill {space} {Account Number} Consumers are not able to get electricity bills due to the lockdown. The electricity depa… Earlier only an online payment option was available on the official website of UPPCL.

How do I find my electricity bill account number?

How to Find Consumer Number on the Electricity Bill?

  1. Go to the Electricity Bill Payment page on Paytm.
  2. Select your ‘State’ and ‘Electricity Board’
  3. Select the District/Type (if any)
  4. Click on ‘View Sample Bill’ to see your Consumer Number on the electricity bill.

How can I register my mobile number in UPPCL?

How to Update/Change/Register Mobile Number in UPPCL?

  1. First of all visit UPPCL Online official website. Click Here.
  2. So, click on “Update Mobile Number” link available on the home page.

Where is consumer number in Uppcl electricity bill?

Bill number will be present at the first row and second column. Apart from these details, we can also find a term called Account number which is nothing but the consumer number. It is present at the second row second column in the first table of the bill.

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What is Account No in electricity bill?

The account number of an electricity bill is a unique identification number of each consumer to keep their information in the database. It is a computer-generated number. Earlier, consumer information was linked with the service connection number.

What is the cost of 1 Unit electricity in Uttarakhand 2021?

5.50 per unit instead of Rs. 5.15 per unit. 35 paise per unit has been increased for this category. Those who spend more than 400 units of electricity will have to pay Rs 6.25 per unit instead of 5.90.