Do EDF smart meters work with solar panels?

EDF Energy told us it has already installed smart meters for customers with solar panels.

Is it worth having a smart meter if you have solar panels?

A smart meter might not be as flashy or sexy as a flying car, but it’s still a step towards a cheaper home and a better future. When coupled with solar panels, a smart meter can save you a substantial amount of money on your energy bills – and there’s nothing sexier than savings!

What type of meter do I need for solar power?

You will need a new electricity meter which can facilitate the solar power entering the electricity grid. These meters are called bi-directional meter (import & export electricity). Very important: Please note that if your home has three phase power you will need a special poly bi-directional meter.

Will my electric meter run backwards with solar panels?

The short answer is yes, your power meter can spin backwards when you go solar.

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Will a smart meter affect my FiT payments?

Solar Battery with Smart Meter Will Not Stop FiT Payments.

Do smart meters run backwards?

If you have an old ‘analogue’ electricity meter, and a solar PV system installed you may sometimes find you meter running backwards. … If your meter goes backwards you are going to be better off, since you will pay less for your electricity, and you do not really need to worry about this as it is not your problem.

Can you use solar without smart meter?

You will need a smart meter to install solar panels or batteries. If you already have a smart meter, your electricity retailer will only need to reconfigure it to allow you to send excess solar energy back to the grid.

Is a smart meter the same as a net meter?

With analogue meters, the default is 1:1 net metering. You produce excess energy, it reduces the amount of energy measured on your bill by the same amount (the meter spins backwards). With “smart meters” utilities can measure and value your solar production any way the regulators let them.

How do solar smart meters work?

The smart meter measures the total of household energy use and then sends these numbers back to the energy provider. If you have solar installed, it will measure the amount of energy that is being sent to the grid and will use this energy to power your home. All excess energy is then conveniently sold back to the grid.

Are Scottish Power smart meters compatible with solar panels?

Phase 1/Dumb meters, solar panels and how the new smart meters don’t work with them. … As for solar panels being compatible, even the person who invented the smart meter asked for it to be removed as it didn’t work properly with solar panels so there is a clear problem.

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Can I turn solar on before meter change?

Your Solar Installation Must Be Turned On

An old electricity meter will only run backwards if the rooftop solar system is switched on before it is replaced with a new meter.

Can your electricity meter reading go down?

Inaccurately low electricity bills. If your electricity supply meter runs backwards, it will show a false low reading – leading to an inaccurate bill. Some meters have even been showing negative readings, leaving households in credit. … Others wrongly thought that meters were supposed to go backwards if you have solar PV …

Do EDF fit smart meters?

You can switch to EDF if you already have a smart meter. If you have a newer smart meter, called SMETS2, we should be able to take your meter readings automatically. We’re gradually updating SMETS1 meters, so they’ll have the same functionality as SMETS2 smart meters.

Are second generation smart meters compatible with solar panels?

The recent Second Generation Smart Meters are fully compatible with domestic PV systems. They provide accurate readings not only on the amount of electricity that goes from the grid to your house, but also on how much electricity you export to the national grid.

How do you read a smart meter with solar panels?

Reading your solar meter is simple: if you watch the display, you see it alternate between positive and negative numbers. The positive number is the amount of electricity that you’ve imported from the grid this is what you see on a normal electricity meter without solar.

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