Can you put an electrical panel behind a door?

I’d say as long as you can close the subpanel door in an emergency, so that you can get out when things go wrong, it should be acceptable. Small panels are located behind doors all the time. An example where it would be a problem, is if you have equipment with a door that can lock in the open position.

Can electrical panels be located behind doors?

So, as long as there is adequate space in the panel region, electrical panels can be located behind doors. The National Electric Code does allow for the placement of breaker boxes behind doors. However, the code states that there should be adequate working space, and nothing should be blocking the panel.

How close can a door be to an electrical panel?

The relevant rules are as follows: Breaker panel must be at least 4 feet off the ground, but no higher than 6 feet. The panel door must be able to open at least 90 degrees. Working space around the breaker panel must be at least 30 inches wide and 72 inches from the ground up.

Can an electric panel be next to a door?

The door area can count towards the required working space of 36″ wide. The width requirement is 30″ or width of equipment. The 36″ is based on the frontal clearance of that base 30″.

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Where can you not put an electrical panel?

A panel cannot be located: 1) Where exposed to physical damage. 2) In the vicinity of easily ignitable material. Clothes closets are specifically noted as an area with easily ignitable material (hanging clothes).

Where can electrical panels be located?

In summary, electrical panels can be located anywhere other than in bathrooms, clothes closets, above steps of a stairway or in fire-rated partitions or area separation walls as long as the proper working clearances are provided per NEC 110.26, and the enclosure type is suitable for the application (i.e. NEMA 3R if …

Should electrical panels be locked?

Electrical panels contain circuit breakers designed to trip and stop the flow of current to specific circuits and appliances. Easy access to electrical panels is essential for the protection of em- ployees in the workplace, and panels should never be blocked or inaccessible.

Can I put an electrical panel in a kitchen?

You cannot put it over anything. You cannot put it next to anything. There must a clear space in front of the panel for an electrician to stand. The space must be kept clear for at least 3 feet in front of the panel, and for 30 inches left to right in front of the panel.